A Better Way

How would your life be different if you had lots of energy, less pain, and needed no prescriptions?

How would you feel if you had a greater purpose and plan for your life, while experiencing joy and deep peace? It may be simpler than you think.

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The Best is Yet to Come!

Many people have well meaning intentions to make a change in their lives, but do not know where to start. In A Better Way, Dr. Jody Cox, D.C. offers tips and guidance on how to live “fully alive.”

Physical health from the inside out

Better genes? Better luck?
Find out the secret to unleashing your body’s own ability to be abundantly healthy for a lifetime.

Simple Exercises For Every Body

Did you know that 99% of movement in the spine fuels the brain? Learn efficient exercises to boost your brain power, keep your joints health, body fit and shed any extra weight.

How to get a better night's sleep

It’s one thing to fall asleep, and another to be able to stay asleep. Learn the right sleeping positions and tricks that enable a deep restorative sleep, so that you wake up fully charged.

Save money (and time) on your health

Feeling overwhelmed?
Learn now to prioritize your goals and turn your dreams into a reality. Learn why investing in your health now may be the cheapest thing you do.

How to eat to thrive

Are fad diets weighing you down? Wondering what foods you can eat and enjoy? Learn how to properly grocery shop and enjoy the right foods that will give you sustainable energy while burning fat and preventing diseases.

Delicious life giving recipes

Don’t worry, you are not going to be left hanging in the kitchen. Here you will find recipes that are designed to bring vitality and energy to your body. Enjoyed by the whole family, these are simple and easy to make.

What Readers Are Saying

A Better Way is engaging and full of common sense tips and wholesome knowledge on important health issues. This book is THE must read for anyone on a quest for greater health and wellbeing.

Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani

Chiropractor and Author of Well Adjusted Babies 2nd Edition and Ticklish, New Ways to Help Your Child Learn, Love and Play

The exact steps I took to recover from a nearly fatal illness are in the pages of this book. If people only knew how easy it is to eat well and exercise, more people would do it. This book will show you how.

Dr. Paul Groulx

Meningitis Survivor, Host of DC On Fire Podcast,

Dr Jody Cox’s book is crammed full of useful tidbits of advice to help you reach your goal of leading a healthier life.

Rhiannon C.

Amazon book Review

Practical and Revolutionary.

Dr. Jenkins

Amazon book Review

Full of practical advice for better health!

Christine S.

Amazon book Review

Great book to go back to and reread to adapt your daily life. It’s like a new way of thinking about your health.

Vicky-Lynn C.

Amazon book Review

About the Author


Dr. Jody Cox is a family chiropractor, international speaker, and best selling author. She is on mission to adjust as many people as she can towards a higher quality of life. She is co-founder of New Hope Chiropractic Inc. in beautiful Gibsons, BC where she enjoys life with her husband, Ron, and two fun loving kids, Clara and Ian.

Here is what I believe. You are created to be healthy from above-down-inside-out. And not just healthy, but abundantly healthy, so that you can fully express who you truly are and walk out your God given purpose while here on earth.

As a family chiropractor, who is passionate about taking care of kids, I get the privilege to adjust people’s spines. And by changing the physiology in your spine and nervous system, it changes the physiology in your health, so that you can do what you need to do with ease, and do what you love to do with energy.

Regardless of where you are at… the Best is Yet to Come!

We want to help you reach your health goals and experience abundant health for a lifetime, so you can:

  • Move better
  • Heal better
  • Function better
  • Think better
  • Feel Better

Give us a call or email with any questions you may have, we are here to help you!