World-class Chiropractic Success Stories

What our Patients are saying…

Our patient’s stories are our legacy. See what they have to say about the life-changing experience of discovering chiropractic care.

“Chiropractic care has educated and empowered me to provide a better lifestyle for myself and especially my children.”


“My second child suffered badly from Colic. Would have crying fits lasting 4 hours each night.

I received chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy and brought her in to see Dr. Jody

After three adjustments her colic was completely gone! We had tried everything before this. I have been coming in with both my girls ever since.”


“New Hope was the first practitioner I went to that was able to show me clearly on an x-ray the source of my chronic pain, and give me a concrete holistic plan to help address it. A year later, I’m pain-free!”


“Just when I thought I was headed for a salad of pain pills, a friend brought me to New Hope. Hope is my new favourite four letter word. Thank you Dr. Ron.”


“Before I came to New Hope I was in daily pain that left me tired, irritable, unable to focus and complete daily tasks both at home and at work. Within 6 months New Hope has provided me with straighter posture, less body pain, better sleep, more energy, more clarity, focus and feeling happier in general.

Thank you Dr Ron and Dr Jody!”
Tonyia L.

“Thank you Dr. Jody for helping make my mom’s back better!”
Abby, age 6

“I started treatments 6 months ago when my body was so sore, I couldn’t move my neck or walk further than a block and I am only 63 years old. Now I nearly have full mobility in my neck and I can walk much further, but the biggest surprise is my energy physically and emotionally. I never realized how much the treatments would affect me so positively. I am now swimming twice a week and walking and gardening more.

I would like to thank Dr Ron.”

“I’ve been suffering from migraines for the past 6 years. I’ve seen 2 neurologists who both told me they were due to menopause. I usually got 6-15 migraines per month. Since I started at New Hope my migraines started to decrease in frequency and intensity almost immediately. I have not had a migraine for a month.

I’m thrilled to finally start getting my life back.”
Anne R.

My wife and I have been long-time patients of Dr. Ron Pashkewych at New Hope Chiropractic. We both would happy recommend Dr. Ron to anyone looking for top quality Chiropractic care. Prior to moving to the Sunshine Coast, I had seen about 5 or 6 different Chiropractors and my wife had seen 7 or 8 different Chiropractors looking for help, and without a doubt, Dr. Ron is the very best we’ve ever seen. He is a wise, caring and very talented Chiropractor.

My wife says: “He shares his knowledge freely, and is kind, gentle, respectful of our time and clearly an expert in relieving my back pain.” Our backs are in great shape thanks to Dr. Ron and we love Dr. Jody too!
Jim Delmer